Painting is my primary way of studying the nature of reality, the capacity of the mind to come into contact with reality, and the fascination of being born into a world of phenomena which ceaselessly present themselves but about which we basically know nothing.  Painting as well is a way of going beyond ideas of what things are and getting to phenomena themselves in order to experience them as they are for themselves.  While I am painting a cloud or a bowl or a wooden block it proves itself to be something of such greater depth than any idea of it could contain, and it frees me from my own conceptual framework.  In this way, painting is a doorway into the infinite nature of reality.

About David

David Cox was born in 1976 and began oil painting when he was 12 years old. After being trained in both Philosophy and Painting, he narrowed his focus on Painting as a practice of Philosophy. He lives and works in Philadelphia PA.