November 15,2015

If I make one mistake over and over, it's believing in the solidity of things, believing in them being something with hard edges, something emerging 'as its own thing' from the context of the world, as though I might one day find something real, something solid to identify as 'what a thing is' but it seems this might be impossible.  As well it's only through merging things with the space that they're found in, by softening the edges, that things actually appear to take shape within the context of their being, within the harmony of existing in a context from which it can never be removed.  The mistake i make is in trying to 'pull a thing out' of its context, as though I might be able to identify it and then put it back.  Though I can think of something in its isolation, it can never be perceived that way in actuality.  Things refuse to be discovered outside of some underlying relation to context.  They refuse to become what I imagine they are.