NOVEMBER 22, 2017

One way that painting and buddhist practice support each other is that they're both dedicated ways of seeing exactly what is in right front of you... a kind of waking up to the unimaginable beauty right before your eyes... discovering ways of truly appreciating it, ways of feeling it with every bit of yourself, ways of opening to it and allowing it to find its true expression, and trusting it.  That's where the expression of death comes from in buddhist practice.  True closeness is a kind of trust and openness so profoundly intimate that both things die to themselves in that moment.  We spend our lives skittering around intimacy and communication.  As they say, the breath breathes itself but simultaneously I am the breath feeling itself breathe.   It is the sensation and willingness to love that overwhelms the subject, an utterly vulnerable and private practice...the intimacy of death, rare and ecstatic.